T-TESS includes three components:

  • Goal-setting and professional development plan
  • The evaluation cycle (including: pre-conference, observation, post-conference)
  • Student growth measure

     T-TESS Teacher Handbook
     T-TESS Rubric
     T-TESS Rubric Working Copy
     Teacher Domain-Dimension Overview
     T-TESS Appraiser Handbook
     Student Growth Overview
     T-TESS Supplement Evidence-Based Practice in the Low-Incidence Disabilities       
            Setting (2016)

Goal Setting and Professional Development
Goal Setting and PD Process Overview
     Goal-Setting & PD Plan Template

Pre Conference
Sample Pre Conference Questions
     Planning Domain-Collective Evidence


Post Conference
Post Conference Self-Reflection Form
     T-TESS Skill Dimension Crosswalk
     Sample Appraiser Conferencing Questions
     Post-Conference Basic Plan Template

End of Year Conference (EOY)
End-Of-Year Conference Teacher Overview
     End-Of-Year Appraiser Conference Overview

Note:  Unlike Domains 1-3, Domain 4: Professional Practices and Responsibilities, is not scored in summative form by the elevator until the teacher has been afforded the opportunity to present evidence related to the four dimensions during the EOY Conference.

T-TESS Documentation Protocols