Quotes & Testimonials

Yellow cactus

"The uniqueness of attending school at San Vicente is the freedom to incorporate Science, Math, Reading and Social Studies into our already rich curricula surrounded by the beautiful architecture of our natural classroom, Big Bend National Park. The field trips here are just better!"

- Jessi, Superintendent

Flower Bud

"Big Bend is a special place. We have so many opportunities most students at other schools don't have."

- Joselyn, Student

Dug out well

"I love the beautiful view from my classroom windows! The classes are small so we really get to know each other very well. The staff is great to work with as we all understand we wear many hats!"

- Pam, ELA Teacher

Red Flowers

"We get to know everyone very well. We can ask for help when we need it and get it."

- Tony, Student

Pink Flowers

“A unique learning environment where both students and educators feel supported by parents and the entire community of the Big Bend.”

- Scott, Math & Science Teacher

Mountain range

"I am close to my classmates."

- Alina, Student

Big bend national park